There are three convenient ways to register for a workshop or dinner.  They are:

call us
fax us
ATTENTION Local Presidents, County Voters,
Association and Building Representatives

Please plan to attend, or send a designee, to our monthly Representative Council Meetings.  These meeting are for
you to be given the latest information from the County,
State, and National levels to bring back to your members.
Be and stay informed!

e-mail us
Telephone/Voice Mail             Fax                                 E-mail
(856) 489-1267(856) 489-0564
       (If you do not receive a
        confirmation of your
        e-mail please call)
This page was last updated on: October 1, 2014

We understand that it is sometimes more convenient for you to have another member register you for a workshop or meeting.  However, when doing so, please make sure the person registering you has your full name, as indicated on your NJEA membership card. It is not acceptable for someone to try to register "Mrs. Smith" or "Betty" for Elizabeth.  We need the member's real name. 

Thank you for your cooperation.  

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10/6/14    Executive Committee Meeting.
10/7/14    NJEA/CCCEA Fall Focus, Venice Plaza, Berlin, NJ
10/13/14  Columbus Day - CCCEA Office Closed
10/14/14  Treasurer's Training Wokshop
10/16/14  School Improvement Panel (ScIP) Workshop
10/21/14  Representative Council Meeting
10/22/14  Minority Leadership & Recruitment Workshop
- Multicultural Manners
10/23/14  Student Growth Objective (SGO) Workshop #2
10/28/14  Legislative Action Team Meeting
10/29/14  Instruction & Professional Development Workshop
- Looking at Student Work: Protocols
10/30/14  Common Core State Standards Workshop
- CCSS: Language Arts for Grades K-5

11/3/14     Executive Committee Meeting
11/4/14     Election Day
11/6-7/14  NJEA Convention, Atlantic City, NJ 
- CCCEA Office Closed
11/11/14   Veteran's Day - CCCEA Office Closed
11/12/14   Member Welfare Workshop
- Guidance for Professional Responsibilities
11/13/14   Educational Support Professionals
Workshop @ 5:00 p.m.
- ESP - Who We Are
11/18/14   Representative Council Meeting
11/19/14   Pride Committee Meeting
11/27-28/14  Thanksgiving - CCCEA Office Closed

All Workshops/Meetings are at the CCCEA Office at 4:30 p.m.
unless another venue and/or time are noted.